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Sony FES U Watch

June 30, 2017.

Sony FES U.

FES U Watch. © Sony.

In 2015, Sony launched First Flight, a Japanese crowdfunding platform for its own products. First Flight funded original products we wouldn’t have expected from a mainstream electronics titan, for example a scent diffuser (Aromastic), a toy to introduce kids to robotics (Toio), or an e-ink watch (FES Watch). This latest invention has been replaced by a cooler model called U, that we’re wanting to buy right now. Thanks to a mobile app, you can change the design not only on the face, but also on the band. The watch has enough memory to store 24 fantastic designs and lasts 3 weeks without a charge. Unfortunately, the FES U Watch is only available in Japan, and it is unlikely that it will be made available elsewhere.

Circuit Breaker, “Sony’s new E Ink watch goes on sale in Japan today.”