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Skydio R1 autonomous drone

February 14, 2018.

Skydio R1.

R1 drone. © Skydio.

Skydio, a startup launched four years ago by MIT researchers, has announced its first product: the autonomous R1 drone, which is able to automatically follow your movements and film them in 4K. The R1 is equipped with 12 small onboard cameras, and can recognize its environment with a high degree of accuracy, allowing it to dodge all objects in its path. Its maximum speed is 40 km/hr, it is autonomous for 16 minutes and weighs only 1 kg. It’s available at a cost of $2,500 USD, which will undoubtedly curb the enthusiasm of many potential buyers enamoured by this nifty machine.

IEEE Spectrum, “Skydio demonstrates incredible obstacle-dodging full autonomy with new R1 consumer drone