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Sero, Samsung’s vertical TV

April 30, 2019.

Samsung Sero.

Samsung Sero.

Sero TV. © Samsung.

Samsung has unveiled a rotating 43-inch TV that works vertically, allowing millenials to watch their vertically-filmed videos on the largest surface possible. The screen swings from portrait to landscape on inclined navy-blue stand. The company intends to sell the Sero for 1.89 million won (USD1,620) in South Korea at the end of May. It also revealed the Serif, a futuristic-looking white TV mounted on a slim easel-like stand, designed by Parisian studio Bouroullec. Finally, it also launched the Frame which, as its name suggests, is framed, and mounts on the wall. Just like other Samsung TVs, these sets have an “ambiant” mode, displaying images, photos and clocks when not in use.

Samsung Sero.

Ars Technica, “Samsung built a vertical TV for (who else?) the millennials.”


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