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Scorpion-3, a flying bike

February 21, 2017.

Scorpion-3, Hoversurf.

Scorpion-3. Photo © Hoversurf.

Scorpion-3 is an electric quadcopter that rides like a bike. Invented by Alexander Atamanov and developed by russo-californian company Hoversurf, the flying object has stability-control software and, for safety's sake, height and speed limiters (3 meters and 60km/h, respectively). But you can disengage them... Maximum flight time is one hour, which seems like a lot, just like its price, at 50,000$. The media was quick to point out that there are cheaper ways to kill oneself or get an amputation. We're not quite at the level of Star Wars' Speeder bikes.…

The Verge, Circuit Breaker, “World’s first rideable hoverbike looks cool as hell but will probably kill you.”