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September 7, 2018.


Scoobe3D. © Scoobe3d.com.

The Scoobe3D is an affordable, handset-sized 3D scanner that is touted to be accurate to an outstanding 0.1mm. This accuracy is delivered through a combination of three technologies: time of flight, photogrammetry and polarized 3D. Scoobe3D can scan objects of up to two cubic yards, including those with specular surfaces. Developed by a team in Germany, Scoobe3D is currently on Kickstarter at the prototype stage. Delivery is slated for May 2019. Early buyers can scoop up the Scoobe3D for €900 (CA$1,380), before the price goes up to €1,200 (CA$1,840). As for any crowdfunded item, buyers order at their own risk.

Kickstarter, “Scoobe3D: new 3D technology - no post processing necessary.”