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Samsung’s Foldable Phone

November 7, 2018.

Infinity Flex Display.

© Samsung.

In 2017, Samsung said it would launch a foldable Galaxy Note in 2018, while cautioning that there were still “challenges to overcome”. The challenges must be stubborn, since no folding phone looks to be launched this year. However, on Wednesday, at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, Justin Denison, Senior Vice-President of Mobile Product Marketing, unveiled a prototype of the future device. Called Infinity Flex Display, the device is both a smartphone and a tablet: the flexible, OLED 7-inch display (1536 x 2152 pixels) folds over itself like a book with no central hinge or crease and, when closed, sports a second, smartphone-like, 4.6-inch cover display (840 x 1960) on the outside. The screens work together seamlessly: an application opened on the cover display displays on the large screen when the Infinity Flex Display is folded out. That’s all we know for the time being; the price and the launch date haven’t been announced.

Oh, and did we mention that Google announced that Samsung’s folding devices would run on Android.

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