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Samsung Tracker

September 10, 2018.

Samsung SmartThings Tracker.

SmartThings Tracker. © Samsung.

Samsung is releasing a tracker – a tag allowing you to locate the object it is attached to – that’s powered by LTE-M network, unlike other, competing trackers, like Tile Mate, that work with Bluetooth and have a limited range of a couple of hundred feet. LTE-M (or LTE Cat-M1) is a network specifically designed for IoT/M2M devices that runs on 4G telephone networks. This means that Samsung’s tracker can be detected anywhere on a 4G telephone operator’s network. Battery life is about a week. SmartThings Tracker will be available through AT&T as of September 14, and through Verizon later on this year. The price of US$99 includes a one-year LTE-M subscription. After the first year, the price drops to US$50 per year.

Circuit Breaker, “Samsung’s SmartThings Tracker uses LTE to find your misplaced items.”