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August 9, 2018.

Ji-soo Yi unveils Galaxy Home at the Barclays Center in New York City.

Ji-soo Yi unveils Galaxy Home. © Samsung Electronics.

On Thursday, in New York, Samsung unveiled 3 new products: the new Note 9 phone, a smart speaker called Galaxy Home, and the new Galaxy Watch. The Note 9, which will be available as of August 24, looks an awful like its predecessors, but is more powerful, with a 4,000mAh battery. The phone comes with a new S Pen stylus that works with Bluetooth Low Energy, meaning that it can be used as a remote for the camera, for example. The Galaxy Home comes with Bixby and has eight microphones, six speakers and a subwoofer. Samsung hasn’t given any details as to release date or price, but an announcement is expected in November. Finally, Samsung parted with the Gear brand for its smartwatch, which will henceforth be called the Galaxy Watch. The device will be waterproof for swimming and offer LTE connectivity, a high-resolution AMOLED touch display and Gorilla DX+ glass. The company says that the watch will be able to last several days without charging. The Galaxy watch will come in three colours and two sizes, 42mm and 46mm, for US$330 and US$350 respectively.

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