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October 08, 2020.

RyZen 5000 series

Lisa Su.

Lisa Su. © AMD.

AMD CEO Lisa Su announced a new family of processors for desktops, the RyZen 5000 series, replacing the 3000 series launched in May 2019. Four new processors, based on Zen 3 architecture, were shown: the 16-core RyZen 9 5950X (USD800), the 12-core RyZen 9 5900X (USD550), the 8-core RyZen 7 5800X (USD450) and the entry-level, 6-core RyZen 5 5600X (USD300). These 5000 series processors are still based on AMD’s 7nm process, but provide a 19% instructions per clock cycle (IPC) improvement and average performance gains of 26% compared to the previous generation. Unabashedly targeting gamers, AMD held up internal benchmarks showing that the RyZen 9 5900X beat Intel’s i9-10900K in terms of performance on a wide array of titles, including League of LegendsDota 2Shadow of the Tomb Raider, among (many) others. All four models will be available as of November 5. Also, AMD will be unveiling its new line of Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards on October 28.

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