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Roll-up screen

December 18, 2018.

LG rollable OLED display.

LG rollable OLED display. © LG Electronics.

According to Bloomberg, next year, LG Electronics plans to start selling a 65-inch TV screen that can, at the touch of a button, roll up and disappear into a box. The device uses OLED technology, which makes for screens that are much more flexible than LCDs. LG showed a functional prototype at CES 2018 last January. The South Korean conglomerate LG is banking on these so-called “rollable” televisions and OLED screens to revive its consumer electronics business, which is struggling in the face of increased Chinese competition that is pulling prices down. OLED screens accounted for only 1.1% of the market this year. No prices announced to date.

Bloomberg, “LG plans to sell TVs that roll up like posters in 2019.”