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RoboMaster S1

June 11, 2019.

RoboMaster S1.

RoboMaster S1. © DJI.

Every year, Chinese drone-maker DJI organizes a major robotics competition, called RoboMasters, where student-built robots do battle in an arena. Now, the company has launched a scaled-down, educational combat robot for the home. Called RoboMaster S1, it can be controlled using a mobile app, or programmed using Scratch 3.0 or Python. Mecanum-type wheels ensure impressive agility for moving in any direction. The robot comes with an FHD camera (1080/30fps) and 31 sensors to map its environment. It can recognize and respond to gestures and sounds and track moving objects. In battle, its cannon shoots non-toxic gel beads at a rate of 10 shots per second. The robot weighs 3.3kg and fits in a box 32cm across. Its maximum velocity is 3.5m/s (12.6km/h). Available as of today for USD500.

RoboMaster S1.

The Verge, “DJI’s newest drone is a $499 tank meant to teach kids how to code.”