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Rising STAR Robot

July 10, 2018.

Rising STAR.

Rising STAR. © David Zarrouk.

David Zarrouk, professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, unveiled Rising STAR, a robot with amazing locomotion skills that can crawl like a turtle or roll on wheels, as it pleases. The neatest aspect of its locomotion is its variable geometry, with allows it to select a locomotion strategy based on its environment: it can negotiate a variety of obstacles without flipping over and move over all types of surfaces, including sand, and climb vertically up small spaces, like tubing. RSTAR’s top speed is about 1m/s on hard surfaces. Spectrum’s reporters dish about Zarrouk’s talent for creating multipurpose robots with minimal hardware. Watch the video!

IEEE Spectrum, “Sprawling wheel leg robot crawls and climbs.”