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ReMarkable 2

March 17, 2020.

ReMarkable 2.

ReMarkable 2. © ReMarkable AS.

ReMarkable’s first e-ink tablet, launched in 2017, certainly was a remarkable product, but it did have some major flaws, like an unstable system, poor usability and a hefty price tag (USD500). Even so, the tablet did have its niche of aficionados. Today, it’s back, in a new and improved version. Still at 10.3 inches (1872x1404 pixels, 226 ppp), ReMarkable 2 is extremely thin (4.7mm), faster, sleeker and cheaper, at USD400. Its textured screen and special stylus tip gives it the sound and feel of paper. The new model also switches over to USB-C for charging and battery life is three times longer. Preorders for the reMarkable 2 start today for shipping in June.

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