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RED’s Hydrogen One

August 3, 2017.

Hydrogen One Prototype.

Hydrogen One Prototype.

Hydrogen One Prototype.

Hydrogen One Prototype. © Marques Brownlee.

RED, the high-end 4k and 8k camera manufacturer, caused a stir when it announced that it would produce a “holographic” Android phone, called Hydrogen One. Skimpy on details, the company promised a 5.7-inch screen able to convert from 2D to 3D, support for additional modules, a price tag of $1,195 for the basic model and a delivery date in early 2018. We now know a bit more about the phone thanks to Youtuber Marques Brownlee, who was given the opportunity to handle a couple of prototypes. First, it’s huge, even larger than the iPhone 7 Plus. Second, optional modules attach to the back of the device with magnets, much like Lenovo’s Moto Mods. Marques saw the “holographic” screen in action, but was not allowed to film it. One can only guess that the first module will be a ground-breaking video camera for cell phones.

Circuit Breaker, “RED’s upcoming $1,200 smartphone is enormous.”

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