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Raspberry Shake 4D

July 13, 2017.

Raspberry Shake 4D.

Raspberry Shake 4D.

Raspberry Shake 4D. © Osop.

The Raspberry Shake 4D is a more sensitive and powerful update to last year’s Raspberry Shake seismograph. Available by preorder on KickStarter for US$249, it includes the Raspberry Shake 4D, a 4.5 Hz geophone and a weatherproof box. Delivery is slated for October 2017. Mike Hotchkiss, one of its developers, told The Verge: “This price points makes it possible for researchers, scientists, institutes and government organizations to have thousands of units for the same price as acquiring tens of the traditional earthquake monitors. There are no special or costly installation requirements and you do not need a trained seismologist to run the installations. Just set it down, plug it in and done!” Also handy for keeping track of washing machine cycles.

The Verge, “This Raspberry Pi seismograph can be used as an early warning system for earthquakes.”