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Raspberry Pi boutique

February 7, 2019.

Raspberry Pi Store.

Raspberry Pi Store.

Raspberry Pi Store. © Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation opened a boutique in the Grand Arcade shopping center in the heart of Cambridge, home of the world’s most famous nano-computer. You can buy the Raspberry Pi, of course, but also additional modules, accessories, books, magazines, objects and gadgets bearing the raspberry logo. Much like an Apple Store, the store also has a pedagogical mission and helps newbies get acquainted with technology, try out programming and see examples of what can be done with this very accessible computer.

Concurrently, the foundation announced a new starter kit for beginners. It includes the latest Pi 3 Model B + as well as a keyboard, a mouse, an SD card, a power supply, an HDMI cable and a book explaining the basics of Pi. In short, all you need is a screen to start. Costing GBP 80 (CAD 138), it will initially only be sold in the Cambridge bricks-and-mortar store, but it will soon also be available online. Established six years ago, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has sold 19 million of its low-cost single-card PCs.

TechCrunch, “The Raspberry Pi store is much cooler than an Apple Store.”