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Predator Thronos

August 30, 2018.

Predator Thronos.

Predator Thronos. © Lenovo.

At the IFA show in Berlin, Acer unveiled an impressive gaming armchair called Predator Thronos. It looks like a cockpit equipped with a seat that reclines to 140°, and three 27-inch screens providing a panoramic view that wraps around the player for a fully immersive sensation. A control panel allows the player to adjust the angle of the chair, which is entirely motorized, to raise the arm that supports the displays to ease player ingress and egress, and to move the shelf that holds the keyboard and mouse. However, this “gaming throne” does have two problems: first, it’s heavy (220kg) and bulky – you’ll need a large house – and second, it’s probably expensive (the price hasn’t been announced). It is set to launch at the end of the year. Start saving your pennies!

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