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PC Building Simulator

March 15, 2017.

PC Building Simulator.

PC Building Simulator. © Claudiu, Topiclist.

You dream it, and Claudiu, a Romanian programmer, makes it! Introducing PC Building Simulator, a program that lets you virtually build the PC of your dreams without spending a penny. You start with an empty tower and a budget, and are set loose on a components library: motherboard, processor, graphics card, cable, hard drives, fans, etc. All you do is pick and click. It might not be as much fun as Goat Simulator, but it is educational and it could launch some of us on the road to assembling our own PC, which is so much more satisfying than buying off-the-shelf. The game is available in pre-alpha state on itch.io for Windows and Linux. You are encouraged to make a donation to support the programmer.

PC Gamer, “PC Building Simulator is a game about building a PC.”

⇨ Claudiu, “PC Building Simulator.”