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OpenAI’s two new APIs

March 1, 2023.

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OpenAI announced APIs (application programming interfaces) for its ChatGPT and Whisper artificial intelligence models that allow developers to easily integrate these features into their applications, for a fee based on actual usage. Launched in late November, ChatGPT is a chatbot that generates logical text in various styles. The API access price is US$ 0.002 for 1,000 tokens (about 750 words), which OpenAI says is about ten times cheaper than its current GPT-3.5 models. “Through a series of system-wide optimizations, we’ve achieved 90% cost reduction for ChatGPT since December,” writes OpenAI. Whisper, priced at US$ 0.006 per minute, is a speech-to-text model launched in September that transcribes audio recordings into text in multiple languages and can translate those languages into English.

Furthernore, in response to privacy concerns about collecting data from its customers, OpenAI says it has modified its terms of service to no longer use submitted data to improve the service, which includes the training of future models. Therefore, the default data retention policy is 30 days for API users, and the terms of service emphasize that users own the inputs and outputs of AI models.

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