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Nvidia launches an AI computer for autonomous robots

June 5, 2018.

Nvidia Jetson Xavier.

© Nvidia.

At Computex 2018, Nvidia unveiled two new products: Nvidia Isaac, a new development platform, and the Jetson Xavier, an artificial intelligence computer, both designed to power autonomous robots that navigate the real world. The Isaac platform is a suite of software tools to develop and train robots. It includes a collection of APIs to connect to cameras, as well as sensors and a new simulation environment, Isaac Sim. The Jetson Xavier computer is incredibly compact for the power it packs (over 30 TOPS, or trillion operations per second). It comes with a Volta Tensor Core graphics processor, an octocore ARM64 processor, two NVDLA deep learning accelerators and processors for static images and video. And it only needs 30 watts of power, which is particularly nice in terms of autonomy. The cost of a Jetson Xavier (including access to the Isaac platform) is US$1,299.

Circuit Breaker, “Nvidia launches AI computer to give autonomous robots better brains.”