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Nintendo Switch Lite

July 10, 2019.

Nintendo Switch Lite.

Switch Lite. © Nintendo.

Nintendo unveiled a more affordable version of its Switch gaming console, which has sold more than 35 million units. Called Switch Lite, it’s for mobile use only (it can’t be plugged into a TV) and costs USD100 less than its older sibling. Also, Joy-Con controllers are built-in. Its screen is a little smaller (5.5 inches vs 6.2) but has the same resolution of 720p. Nintendo says there is no difference in performance between the two models and you can still use the same accessories with the Lite, including the Joy-Con and Switch Pro controllers, as well as the Poké Ball Plus. The Lite, available September 20, will come in several colors — yellow, gray and turquoise, and later in special editions such as Pokémon Sword light gray.

We also learned fortuitously that the original Switch would get an update to its SoC and new flash NAND storage chips. Asked about this information, a spokesman for Nintendo responded “We have nothing to announce on this topic.”

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