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New Start menu for Windows 10

July 24, 2019.

Start Menu.

Start Menu. © Microsoft.

A leaked internal Windows 10 build (18,947) has revealed a brand new Start menu experience that replaces tiles with a more traditional grid of apps on a grey background. This Start menu, which looks like it’s still in the early stages of development, is believed to be the Start menu that Microsoft is working on for Windows Lite, a lighter version of Windows 10 in answer to Chrome OS. The leaked build, supposed to be internal, is the result of an issue with Windows Insider. This program allows anyone with a valid Windows licence to access early versions of the OS which were previously only available to developers. The scrapping of tiles on Windows Lite (a concept lifted from the Windows 7 phone OS) could hearken their overall extinction. Maybe Live Tiles have reached the end of the road.

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