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New Ryzen processors

February 13, 2018.

AMD Raven Ridge die.

Ryzen die shot. On the right in blue, the GPU, and on the left, the 4 four-core CPUs. © AMD.

AMD has launched two new four-core Ryzen processors (based on the Zen microarchitecture): the 5 2400G ($169 USD) and the 3 2200G ($99 USD). They are the first of their series to offer an integrated graphics processor (GPU), the Radeon Vega. Like other Ryzen chips, these new processors use the AM4 socket. With the appropriate firmware update, they should work on any existing AM4 motherboard, though not all AM4 motherboards include the video outputs necessary to use the integrated GPU. Graphics performance, though decent, will not be up to the discriminating standards of hard-core players. However, at that price, these processors, especially the 3 2200G, are ideal for business machines.

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