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New iPhone SE

April 22, 2020.

iPhone SE, second-generation.

iPhone SE, second-generation. © Apple.

Apple has just unveiled an iPhone which, while not ground-breaking, will surely be popular thanks to its excellent value. The new model replaces the iPhone 8, which will soon be pulled from the market. This iPhone SE 2020 version (the SE suffix was used for the entry-level 2016 model) is basically the same as the iPhone 8, with the same size and weight (148g). The main difference between the two is that the SE comes with the A13 SoC, the same processor as the iPhone 11 Pro, i.e. the fastest chip on the market. This means that the iPhone SE 2020 has the same computing power as the higher-end models. And while you don’t get the same OLED large screen or multiple cameras, at that price, it’s still a very attractive proposition (CAD600 for 64Gb, CAD670 for 128Gb, CAD910 for 256Gb). It comes in three colors: white, black and red. The iPhone SE 2020 is available for pre-order now, with shipping in two weeks.

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