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Nemeio keyboard

January 7, 2019.

Nemeio keyboard.

Nemeio keyboard. © Nemeio.

Some people like to have more than one keyboard, for example if you need to write in two different languages. You may also want to customize your keyboard to suit your particular needs. At the CES in Las Vegas, a French company presented an elegant solution: on the Nemeio mechanical keyboard, each of the 81 keys is equipped with an electronic ink display, which makes it completely customizable. On the fly, you can switch from a qwerty keyboard to a Japanese or an Arabic keyboard. You can also map your favorite software feature to any key. Because you can adjust the keys’ display size and contrast, this keyboard is also a welcome aid for the seeing-impaired.

The Bluetooth wireless keyboard is equipped with USB-A and C ports, and buttons to adjust the brightness and to switch from one mapping to another. Its size is 304 x 179 x 11 mm with a weight of 600 grams. The battery life has not yet been disclosed, nor the price (about 300 to 500 USD.) If all goes well, the product should be available next summer.

Circuit Breaker, “Nemeio’s E Ink keyboard lets you customize every key.”