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MX Master 3 Mouse

September 4, 2019.

MX Master 3.

MX Master 3. © Logitech.

Logitech’s MX Master mouse is the favourite rodent of cool productive cats. So how do you improve on a tail-less mouse that’s already great? Logitech has managed to do just that for its third-generation mouse, with small adjustments that make it even easier and more comfortable to use. Like the MX Master 2S, this mouse is right-handed with eight buttons, but has a side thumb-panel and two steel wheels with electromagnetic scrolling, on the top and on the side. The MX Master 3 still uses Logitech’s Darkfield sensor with up to 4,000dpi to follow movement on any type of surface, including glass. Battery life is still excellent (up to 70 days on a single charge) and it finally recharges on a USB-C port, in just two hours (according to Logitech). This little gem costs USD100 and should be available this month.

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