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Most hated font

March 28, 2017.

Comic Sans MS.

Comic Sans MS. © The Guardian.

In an interview with the Guardian, former Microsoft font designer Vincent Connare said he’s proud of Comic Sans MS, a sans-serif casual script typeface that has divided the internet since its release in 1994. “It was for novice computer users and it succeeded with that market. People use it inappropriately: if they don’t understand how type works, it won’t have any power or meaning to them,” he said. As Connare himself explains the font was originally designed for Microsoft Bob, “a comic software package”. Comic Sans, which had been a standard in the Microsoft font library since it was included in Microsoft 95, was never meant to have this success. After it became a default for Microsoft Publisher and Internet Explorer, the backlash started. Some designers argued that Comic Sans, while perfectly legit in designs for children or comic books, should have no place in business or professional work usage. “The backlash, the level of hatred, was just amazing—and quite frankly funny. I couldn’t believe people could be so worked up over something as simple as a font,” he said.

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