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Montreal 40 minutes from Toronto

September 15, 2017.


Montreal-Toronto, 39 min.

© Hyperloop One.

California company Hyperloop One identified the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto route among the top ten ideal locations to test its new method of transportation, magnetic levitation pods electrically propulsed through low-pressure tubes. At 1,080km/h, the 640-km trip would take just 39 minutes (presumably excluding the decelaration and accelation for the Ottawa stop). According to the company, annual ridership on such a line could top 4.2 million trips, which would make it viable. We hope it’s not just a pipe dream…

Ars Technica, “Hyperloop One announces 10 routes it will study, partners with Colorado DOT.”

Hyperloop One, “Hyperloop One announces 10 winners for Hyperloop One Global Challenge.”


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