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The Misty II Robot

May 2, 2018.

Misty II.

Misty II. © Misty Robotics.

Misty Robotics, an offshoot of Sphero, recently announced Misty II, the second generation of its programmable robot, which was first introduced at the CES last January. It’s a more refined version, targeted to a wider audience, but still heavy on the programming and the robotics. The robot is equipped with two Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and runs on Windows IoT Core and Android 7 operating systems. It’s got a microphone, a 4K camera whose feed can be streamed via Wi-Fi, a facial recognition system, two speakers and a sensor system to map out its surroundings and avoid nearby objects. You can load it with pre-programmed skills, or develop your own by using block visual programming or JavaScript APIs. Misty Robotics launched a 30-day crowd funding campaign, which gives the first 250 buyers a 50% discount on the Misty II. The final price tag will be $3,200 US. Misty Robotics has set a delivery date of December 4.

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