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The Misty I robot

January 11, 2018.

Misty I.

Misty I. © Misty Robotics.

The developers at Misty Robotics, who also brought you Sphero, have created Misty I, an adorable little “advanced personal robot, that’s affordable and easy to program.” It’s targeted towards developers, who can program the device using a JavaScript API. It features multiple sensors, is equipped with two Snapdragon processors and an LCD screen for its facial features. It’s 37 cm high, and moves around on tracks like a tank – and is oddly reminiscent of WALL•E. Misty I will be available next month for $1,500 USD, but only for select developers. Misty Robotics is hoping to follow-up with a more sophisticated Misty II later on this year, targeted to a wider audience, but still geared towards those who are comfortable with programming. In response to IEEE Spectrum’s question, “Why do you think developers will buy a robot and spend their time developing apps for it?” Misty Robotics answered simply, “Because it’s a robot.” Fair enough. Are you intrigued? Sign up here.

IEEE Spectrum, “CES 2018: Misty Robotics introduces Misty I, a mobile robot developer platform.”