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Miliboo’s Smart Sofa

January 9, 2019.

Smart Sofa.

Smart Sofa. © Miliboo.

Designed by a French company, the connected sofa that we were all waiting for, that vibrates, lights up, activates Alexa, and recharges your phone, was presented at the latest CES in Las Vegas. The Smart Sofa uses several technologies, including Bluetooth, WiFi and Android OS. The sensory and immersive system is recessed under the couch and includes a vibrating seat, adjustable lighting with LED lamps, two speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier. Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa smart assistants are integrated into the armrest, which also contains the Qi wireless phone charger. The price of the Smart Sofa starts at 2,340 USD for a loveseat, 3,050 USD for a three-seater and 3,500 USD for a four-seater.

Miliboo, “Discover the world’s first smart sofa.”