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Microsoft system, Linux heart

April 17, 2018.

Microsoft. Mountain View, California.

Mountain View, California. © iStock.

Microsoft has introduced Azure Sphere, a new solution to create connected objects. It’s made up of three main components: microcontrollers (MCUs) which integrate Microsoft security technology (Pluton sub-system), Azure Sphere Security Service, a dedicated cloud service, and Azure Sphere OS which, interestingly, is based on the Linux kernel, a significant first for the Redmond group. Security is a big problem for IoT solutions, meaning that Microsoft’s proposal may appeal to developers of connected objects. The microcontrollers are custom designed by Microsoft Research and approved manufacturers don’t have to pay any royalties. The first Azure Sphere chip, the MediaTek MT3620, will be available soon.

Microsoft Azure, “Introducing Microsoft Azure Sphere: Secure and power the intelligent edge.”