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Mi Mix Alpha

September 24, 2019.

Mi Mix Alpha.

Mi Mix Alpha.

Mi Mix Alpha. © Xiaomi.

Xiaomi unveiled what it calls a “concept” phone, in other words a phone with a new and bold design. What makes the Mi Mix Alpha unique is that its screen wraps around the device, covering most of its surface. The status icons (battery, connectivity, Bluetooth, sound, etc.) have moved to the side of the device, with a pressure-sensitive strip with haptic feedback to mimic buttons. There is no selfie camera on the front, since you can just turn the device over and use the back side of the screen as a viewfinder. In terms of specifications, the Mi Mix Alpha has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor, 5G connectivity, 12GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, a 4,050mAh battery and Samsung’s new ISOCELL 108 megapixel sensor. Other than that, Xiaomi is hiding its hand; for example, they won’t disclose screen resolution, and don’t say how Android and Android applications will work with this design. Maybe they’ll be more forthcoming as the release date nears. The Mi Mix Alpha will be produced in limited quantities and will be available as of December for a hefty RMB20,000 (CAD3,720, USD2,805).

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