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Mac Book recommends the Microsoft Laptop

July 31, 2019.

Mackenzie Book.

Mackenzie Book. © Microsoft.

There’s a cheeky Microsoft advertisement going around that somehow revives the Get a Mac saga that pitted a Mac (played by Justin Long) against a PC (John Hodgman). Surface’s ad creatives found an Australian actor named Mackenzie Book ... “Mac” Book, get it? The whole schtick is based on Mac Book asserting that the new Surface Laptop 2 is much better than the MacBook Air. A mischievous voice-over asks Mac Book which is the most powerful device. Not surprisingly, the young man points out that the Surface Laptop 2 lasts longer and is more powerful than the MacBook Air, which doesn’t even have a touch screen! Mr. Book’s interview ends with: “You should get a Surface. Trust me, I’m Mac Book.” Agreed, this ad won’t win international prizes, nor the Lion award at the Cannes Advertising Festival, but it might get a smile from even the most devoted Apple fan.

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