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Lumi Keyboard

June 18, 2019.

Lumi keyboard.

Lumi keyboard. © Roli.

Lumi is a light-up keyboard with 24 colorful keys that ties into an iPad app to teach you to play the piano, sort of like Guitar Hero. Multiple keyboards can be hooked up together for more octaves, and the unit also functions as a standard MIDI input, which is compatible with all of the usual professional music software such as Ableton Live and Cubase. A charge lasts about 6 hours. Lumi is a product created by Roli, the London start-up that has already put bold products on the market such as the attractive Seaboard keyboard and Lightpad Blocks. The product will be sold for 250 USD after its crowdfunding phase and will begin shipping in October 2019, says the company. This new product will probably be available in Apple stores, as are the other Roli musical instruments.

Circuit Breaker, “A light-up keyboard from Roli teaches you to play piano like it’s Guitar Hero.”