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November 10, 2022.

Liner app, ML made easy

Liner app.

Liner app. © Divam Gupta.

Liner is a free tool developed by Divam Gupta, research engineer at Meta, that lets you easily train machine-learning (ML) models. As it requires no coding or specialized knowledge of machine learning, its intuitive interface makes it the perfect tool for beginners, whether on Windows, Mac or Linux. The software walks you through the whole process. First, you specify the ML goal -- image, text or audio file classification, object detection, etc. Then you import your data. If it’s not already labeled, you can do it manually within the application. When you launch the training, Liner automatically chooses the appropriate model -- EfficientNet, MobileNet or Resnet 50. When the training is completed, you can test the model with new data directly in the app. Finally, you can export your model to TensorFlow, ONNX, Keras and CoreML, or you can create your own Python or Web application.

YouTube, “Liner.ai Demo.”



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