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Light Phone 2

March 2, 2018.

Light Phone 2.

Light Phone 2. © The Light Phone Inc.

The new 4G LTE Light Phone 2 is simple and minimalist, radically design, equipped with a nice matte screen backlit with E-Ink, and weighs about 80 grams. The premise of this phone is to allow you to "reclaim your life", because without Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, and Candy Crush, Saga or Tetris, you'll definitely have extra time on your hands to devote to pursuits other than staring at a screen, compulsively scrolling though photos and news of ever-decreasing interest. You can still do some things with the Light Phone 2, like making calls and sending texts (there's a touchscreen with keyboard display), but that's about as advanced as it gets. Taking a photo? Forget about it…for now, the Light Phone 2 is only in its prototype phase; the company is still finalizing its specifications and doesn't expect to ship the phone before April 2019. It's crowdfunded through Indiegogo, at a price of $225 USD.

Circuit Breaker, “The Light Phone 2 adds messaging and more to the ultra-minimalist cellphone.”