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Koov robotic education kit

February 15, 2018.


Koov. © Sony Electronics.

Sony’s Koov is a kit made up of over 300 pieces (see-through bricks, wheels, gears, sensors, motors, etc.) created to teach robotics and programming to youth ages 8–14. The kit comes with 23 plans for robots, but nothing prevents users from developing their own plans —on the contrary. At its core, Koov has a micro-controller based on the Arduino open source platform. Sony, however, has developed its own simplified programming language, dubbed Scratch, for these robots. Available through pre-order from Sony, at a cost of $520 USD, which seems a tad steep. Delivery is slated for the end of March.

Circuit Breaker, “Sony made a 300+ piece coding kit for kids to bring blocky robots to life.”