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iPhone X “Tesla”

May 17, 2018.

iPhone X “Tesla”.

iPhone X “Tesla”.

iPhone X “Tesla”. © BigRep.

Russian handset company Caviar, whose claim to fame is flamboyant, pricy devices, has developed its “Tesla” model of the iPhone X, its first equipped with photoelectrical cells. The large solar panel on the back powers a dedicated battery, which in turn charges the iPhone X battery with a press of a button. The panel considerably increases the thickness of the device, from 7.7mm to 16.2mm, which means that the camera bump turns into a cavity. Only 999 units will be manufactured, and numbered in the order they were produced. The first unit, intended for Elon Musk (though it’s not clear whether his approval of the product was sought or obtained), will feature an extra engraving of the words “Made on Earth by Humans”, as a homage to the Tesla launched into space by SpaceX. The iPhone X Tesla with 64GB of storage will sell for 284,000 rubles (CA$5,850), while the 256GB model will set you back by 299,000 rubles (CA$6,160), plus taxes and customs duties.

AppleInsider, “Solar-powered iPhone X ‘Tesla’ by Caviar goes on sale for $4,500.”