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iPhone sales levelling off

May 3, 2018.

Apple Sales.

Moving average Apple product sales. © Anthony Nelzin-Santos, MacGeneration.

French website MacGeneration has developed a nifty graphic that plots iPhone, iPad and Mac sales from 2007 to today. It shows that sales of Apple phones from 2008 onwards exploded, but seem to have levelled off after 2016. Between 2017 and today, sales have stagnated, though at an astronomical level; still, there’s no more increase, as if the market has become saturated. For the iPad, the boom years were 2013-2015; since then it’s been a slow decline. What was unexpected was on the Mac side of things - sales have slowly been creeping up year over year. For Apple, the desktop end of the business seems to be quite stable. The journalist writes, “We also see that, since 2017, the three curves have levelled off. This means that Apple’s continued growth isn’t coming from these three products, but rather from accessories and services.”

MacGeneration, “Les ventes d'iPhone, iPad et de Mac depuis 2007 en un graphique.”