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iOS 12 thwarts police

October 25, 2018.



Last June, we reported that Apple was working on iOS 12 so that law enforcement would find it much harder to hack locked iPhones. A favourite among police forces, the GrayKey device, which connects to the Lightning port to unlock iPhones, was in the Apple engineers’ cross-hairs. It seems they’ve succeeded. According to Forbes magazine, Graykey can no longer get past the iOS 12 wall. The GrayKey device can only do what’s called a “partial extraction”: unencrypted files and some metadata, such as file sizes and folder structures. “Give it time and I am sure a ‘workaround’ will be developed … and then the cycle will repeat. Someone is always building a better mousetrap, whether it’s Apple or someone trying to defeat device security,” confided John Sherwin, police officer in Rochester, who went on to confirm that iOS 12 was preventing GrayKey from unlocking iPhones.

Forbes, “Apple Just Killed The ‘GrayKey’ iPhone Passcode Hack.”