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Interview with Eben Upton

August 27, 2019.

Eben Upton.

Eben Upton. Anthony Harvey, TechCrunch (CC BY 2.0).

Stephen Cass of IEEE Spectrum did a short interview with Eben Upton, the creator of the popular Raspberry Pi. Upton explained how the design of the mini-computer has evolved to meet the needs of an increasing number of professional developers and engineers who use the Pi for prototyping and industrial applications. Upton said that the power of the Pi has increased 40-fold since its first iteration, and that the processor will soon hit its thermal footprint limit on a Raspberry Pi. In other words, there is not enough real estate left to increase the power by another factor of 40 and there will probably never be a Pi 9.

IEEE Spectrum, Stephen Cass, “Eben Upton on the Raspberry Pi’s industrial crossover and why there will never be a Pi 9.”