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Intel’s 10nm chips are finally here

May 9, 2019.

10nm Ice Lake.

10nm Ice Lake is coming. © Intel.

After years of delays and problems with its 10nm processors, which had originally been announced for 2016 (Cannon Lake), Intel announced at an investor conference in Santa Clara that the Ice Lake processors will be widely available as soon as June for laptops. This new platform will provide 3 times faster wireless speed, 2 times faster video transcode speeds, 2 times faster graphics performance, and up to 3 times faster artificial intelligence performance over Coffee Lake. But the surprise announcement is that Intel has committed to have 7nm chips as early as 2021, with the first generation for its future GPUs. Given our past experience with Intel, you’d be forgiven for having your doubts. But Intel has gone one further by stating that stock shortage problems with the 14nm processors will continue to improve, and that they would be fully resolved by the fourth quarter.

ExtremeTech, “Intel will launch 7nm chips in 2021, Ice Lake ships in June.”

TechRadar, “Intel says Ice Lake is on target, and even faster 7nm CPUs will arrive by 2021.”