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Insta360 Go mini camera

August 28, 2019.

Insta360 Go.

Insta360 Go. © Insta360.

While Insta360 literally made its name with its 360° cameras, its new Go is far more conventional, producing 1080p videos at 25fps. What is less conventional is its size (just 5cm high) and weight (a mere 18.3 grams). Thanks to its magnetized base and a clip, you can affix it just about anywhere: on your hat, around your neck (it comes with a magnetic pendant) or on your cat, to easily capture video clips of up to 30 seconds. The Go comes with superior stabilization and time-lapse and hyperlapse modes. You can also take square photos, with a resolution of 2560x2560px. As you may have guessed, the camera’s main limitation is its autonomy: the minute battery can only support the recording of 200 clips of around 20 seconds. And this fun little gadget doesn’t come cheap: USD200 (just because we hate having to write out USD199.99).

Digital Photography Review, Lars Rehm, “The Insta360 Go is a 20 gram wearable cam with FlowState stabilization.”