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Hidden selfie camera

June 26, 2019.

Oppo phone.

© Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp.

At the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, Chinese builder Oppo unveiled the first-ever phone to have a camera hidden under the screen. Gone is the intrusive notch, thanks to a transparent area on the screen that still has pixels and touch sensitivity. Technologically speaking, Oppo used an oversized sensor and a wider aperture lens to get as much light as possible, combining it with a redesigned pixel structure; however, Oppo acknowledges that placing a screen in front of a camera does reduce image quality. Engadget Chinese agrees, saying there is indeed room for improvement in terms of clarity and color precision; furthermore, photos published by Engadget Chinese show that the camera area does remain visible in certain conditions, with fewer, more spaced-out pixels. While the technology is interesting, it doesn’t seem quite ready for market. No information was given on when we can expect an under-screen camera to reach mass-production – all that Oppo would say is that it would be “in the near future”.

Engadget Chinese, “Oppo 的螢幕下自拍相機技術正式公開.”

The Verge, “Oppo unveils the world’s first under-screen selfie camera.”