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Hidden camera

April 13, 2018.


Doogee Mix 4. © Arun Maini.

A phone manufacturer that innovates in the realm of design and that doesn’t jump on the Apple bandwagon with notches everywhere, is deserving of notice. This being the case, on a prototype of a Doogee phone, you’ll notice the screen slides down to reveal the cameras and the speakerphone. Thanks to this clever design, the OLED screen covers a full 97% of the available surface on the front face, leaving the border on the four sides just one millimetre wide. This solution seems much more elegant than the one proffered by Vivo, with its retractable camera on the Apex FullView. With its two “layers,” the Doogee Mix 4 is a bit thicker than most other high-end phones, at 11 mm versus 8 to 9 mm, but it has the advantage of being shorter while still offering a 6-inch screen. No confirmation yet on when the Mix 4 will be available for sale. Videoblogger Arun Maini notes that based on Doogee’s historical release schedule, it’s likely that the Mix 4 will be available in December, i.e. six months after the release of the Mix 3, in June.

Circuit Breaker, “Doogee’s Mix 4 phone features a nifty slider that hides the front camera.”