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GoPro (kind of) exits China

December 10, 2018.


Hero7. © GoPro.

Many key players in consumer electronics are trying to anticipate the effects of the trade war between the United States and China. In order to avoid taxation on its Chinese-made cameras upon entry into the United States, GoPro announced that it would move camera production for its main market, the United States, out of China. Cameras for other markets, however, will continue to be produced in China. Brian McGee, Vice-President of GoPro, said the move shouldn’t be too expensive because the company owns the production tools. According to a survey conducted in Shanghai by the US Chamber of Commerce in China, one-third of the 430 companies polled are considering outsourcing components or assembling outside the country due to pressure from US tariffs.

The Verge, “GoPro will move some manufacturing out of China because of Trump’s trade war.”