Game Gear Micro

Game Gear Micro.

Game Gear Micro. © Sega Corp.

Over the last four years, we’ve experienced a wave of mini retro consoles, with the NES Classic Edition, Sega Genesis Mini, PlayStation Classic, among others. Now, it’s time for micro retro consoles with Sega’s Game Gear Micro, a new console that is 92% smaller than the original. Just 80x40mm, the new “portable mascot” has a 1.15-inch screen with a 240x180 pixel resolution. It comes in four colours, each with its own suite of four different games. The Micro can run on a USB power adapter or two AAA batteries. It has a single mono speaker and a headphone jack. It will launch in Japan in October for JPY4,980 (about CAD62). No release plans have been announced for other markets. The original Game Gear from 1990, with a Z80 processor and a backlit 160x144 pixel, 16-color display, had achieved critical success but not a commercial one, probably due to its price and to the fact that it burned through 6 AA batteries every four hours.

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