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Galaxy Note 8

August 24, 2017.

Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8. © Android Central.

In what is nothing less than a high-stakes wager, Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy Note 8. After one of the greatest disasters in the history of consumer electronics, the South Korean company decided to face the challenge head-on without giving up its Galaxy Note line. Samsung hopes that consumers will be won over by this new version of its phablet with stylus, guaranteed non-explosive. The phoenix reborn of its ashes (sorry… couldn’t help it…) looks like a Galaxy S8 Plus with a larger screen. Technical specifications are quasi-identical, the only difference being 6 GB of RAM (vs. 4 GB), 195 grammes instead of 173, and a dual camera, a first for Samsung. Both cameras offer image stabilization and 12-megapixel images. The wide-angle camera opens to f/1.7 and the telephoto lens reaches f/2.4. Unfortunately, the fingerprint reader is in the same awkward position as on the S8. The media gleefully noted that Samsung systematically compares the Galaxy Note 8 to the Galaxy Note 5, as if the incendiary version had never happened. The set comes in black or blue in Canada, and black or grey in the U.S. It is available for pre-order on Samsung’s site for CA$1,300, with delivery as of September 15th. We’re just waiting to see the next iPhone and Pixel 2 XL to make up our minds!

The Verge, “Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 comes with a 6.3-inch screen and dual camera.”