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Echo Frames

September 25, 2019.

Echo Frames.

Echo Frames.

Echo Frames. © Amazon.com, Inc.

Amazon seems determined to never let you leave home without Alexa. The cloud and on-line shopping titan has introduced several new products that let you access your Alexa assistant on the go, for example with the wireless Echo Buds earbuds, or, in partnership with General Motors, in any Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet vehicle. However, two more experimental products caught our eye: the titanium Echo Loop ring (USD130) and the Echo Frames glasses (USD180). The glasses can be paired with a smartphone to hear notifications or make a call, as long as it’s an Android phone (for now). The Echo Frames lack visuals, unlike North’s Focals or Google Glass. If you’re interested in either of these two products, you’ll have to beg for an “invitation”, leading us to believe that their availability will be limited. However, the Echo Buds are already widely available.

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